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Add style and durability to verandas and driveways or any entrance or high trafficable area from around the house, right up to commercial and industrial concrete applications. Call Dr Crete Resurfacing, for your concrete demands.

Using Gem Coat technology your surface will maintain its new appearance year after year. Even with excessive wear to the top layer, for each grain is completely pigment coated. The colour will always remain because of the unique way it is reflected through the sides and the bottom of the clear glass – much like a prism. Independent testing through Queensland University of Technology shows that the results for abrasion and durability far exceed the minimum standards required for wear and tear in all paving categories.



GEMCOAT – Is an Australian developed, owned and manufactured product. Sold from our Morayfield site it has a Z Class wear factor and a R-10 to R-20 slip factor, Combined with its unique strength and durable qualities, this makes it unparalleled in the resurfacing industry.


GEMCOAT – Coloured crystals are developed from recycled glass using a crushing system combined with a tumbling process in order to round the glass and remove sharp edges. Each individual grain is completely coloured by high performance paints (used in industrial, automotive and architectural industries).


GEMCOAT – Is available in an extensive range of colours for your concrete applications along with the ability to reproduce logos, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. UV light, acid rain, water retention or fungal attack resists affect on Gemcoat.

Our colour palette

Want More Colours
Dr Crete specialises in Reproducing Logos and Deigns that may require additional or solid colours.

Because the glass is a granule like sand additional colours can be added to the 28 colours above to give a different colour effects or shading. Solid colours can be made if a single flat colour is desired. However additional cost may incur.

Solid Colours

  • Yellow’s
  • Green’s
  • Blue’s
  • Brown’s
  • Red’s
  • Black
  • White

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